Francis Collins resigning….

Wow, this is a big deal. I was surprised to learn this from a few sources, including Salon and an email I just found in my inbox. It is from the Genetic Alliance announcements list. I can’t find it on their website yet…but here is a copy of the announcement from NHGRI.

I was just enjoying the photo of a smiling Ted Kennedy and Francis Collins with the inimitable Louise Slaughter this week, too. What a team. This photo is my favorite, but there are more over at the Genetic Alliance photo page.


He is an impressive guy, and has done great things for this field. And I’m so glad that he was involved in getting the GINA legislation passed. Many thanks for Francis Collins for getting us to where we are today.

EDIT: I just found some videos of him actually singing…but is messes with the blog so you’ll have to search YouTube yourself. Here was one that was all DNA:

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