The elephant genome browser arrives.

Big week at UCSC Genome Browser.  Earlier this week we got the sea hare browser released–and now we go in significantly different species direction.  They have announced the release of the African Savannah Elephant Genome Browser.

From the announcement:

We are very happy to announce that we have released a Genome Browser
for the African savannah elephant, /Loxodonta africana/. This
assembly (UCSC version loxAfr3, Broad loxAfr3) was produced by the Broad Institute
<>, Cambridge, MA, USA. The elephant was the first member of
Afrotheria to be sequenced. Afrotheria is the deepest node of Eutheria, and the elephant
sequence should be useful in reconstructing the ancestral eutherian genome.

This draft of the elephant genome has a size of approximately 3 Gb with 7X coverage. The assembly
comprises 2352 scaffolds and chrM (mitochondrial DNA). For more information on the assembly, see
the Broad Institute Elephant Genome Project

You can look at the browser here: Elephant (Loxodonta africana) Genome Browser Gateway

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