Metagenomics making the big Times (as in NY)

Metagenomics, which is really a new area of study (barely this last decade) in comparison to most biological areas of research, is already making into the mainstream press. The New York Times has an article yesterday entitled “Bacteria thrive in the inner Elbow, No Harm Done” (you’ll need a free registration to read that). The article quotes from metagenomic studies that show that our inner elbows contain a unique microbiome of species even in comparison to our upper arm, though it goes a  more into metagenomic studies than just that. As the article states:

The research is part of the human microbiome project, microbiome meaning the entourage of all microbes that live in people.
The project is an ambitious government-financed endeavor to catalog the typical bacterial colonies that inhabit each niche in the human ecosystem.

That’d be this project. The article does a decent job of explaining why this project is helpful, but doesn’t really explain how this approach of metagenomics is different or how it’s done (in fact, it never says the word “metagenomics“). Oh well, can’t have everything.

For your edification: There is last year’s report “The New Science of Metagenomics” from the National Research Council (you can read free online, or purchase as a book. Also, of course there are at least two extensive databases of metagenomic data, IMG/M (free tutorial) and Camera.

5 thoughts on “Metagenomics making the big Times (as in NY)

  1. Y. Winogradsky

    MetaHIT (Metagenomics of the Human Intestinal Tract) is an EU-funded project, gathering 12 European organisations and a Chinese institute. Its main goal is the characterisation of the Human Gut microbiota, which could have many consequences in terms of IBDs understanding. The project has an official website available at

  2. Jennifer

    Thanks for letting us know about this project!

    We are very interested in featuring human metagenomic resources, and your six pillar approach really looks like it will provide a nice array of tools.

    Please do keep us updated on your project’s progress.

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