Genome Standards

With the large number of genomes being sequenced and published, the need for a standard set of information that should be reported has grown. The Genome Standards Consortium is working on that. The MIGS, or “Minimum Information about a Genome Sequence” specification is about to be published in Nature Biotechnology in February. You can comment on the standards checklist here.

2 thoughts on “Genome Standards

  1. Mary

    This prompted me to look at the current state of the Microarray standards, or MIAME: Minimum Information About a Microarray Experiment., or MGED site has links to that.

    These are important to know about if you will be a submitter of information. But also as a consumer of the information you need to know about this for a full understanding of the data.

    And the MGED site links to a PLOS paper that says sharing detailed date increases citation rate!

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