Another day, another genome: Hydra

Ok, I had no idea hydra was even in the pipeline.  I’m a fan of hyda from the days way back in the developmental biology lab.  We were assaulting hydra in various ways and watching the regeneration ensue.  It was very compelling to see how they reacted to removed tentacles, split body axes, and such.

So when I saw the news about this paper in Nature I went over for a look: The dynamic genome of Hydra is an early look at the genome–the assembly isn’t complete.  But it still has some useful tidbits.  About 20,000 genes at this point, some are clearly in known pathways such as Hox members and Wnt signalling genes.

The best chuckle I got out of the paper, though, is the transposable elements.  I still haven’t recovered from the corn TEs (which make up more than 80% of corn), and here we go again.

Transposable elements make up ~57% of the Hydra genome and represent over 500 different families….

I’m beginning to think that all of this biology stuff is just a way to disperse transposable elements.  Who knew?