Genetic Dieting

Just some light Friday reading. I’ve seen ads and articles about “body type diets” and diets supposedly based on our genetics, “Genotype Diet.”  It has interested me. I gained 80lbs over the last 10 years and spend most of that time trying different methods (low carb, etc, etc) to lose that. Finally lost 60 using that old-fashioned way, Weight Watchers :D. And though I’m sure there are differences in how we individually eat, crave and put on/take off weight based on our genotypes, I’ve never seen solid scientific evidence that we can determine what those genotypes are in such a way that we can figure out the ‘best’ diet for each of us. Frankly, I’ve come to the conclusion the “best” diet for all of is to each whole fresh food, less of it and lots of plants (where have I read that?), so I tend to believe the complication of trying to figure out what our ‘genotype diet’ might be is wasted effort for the most part (except when it comes to things like gluten intolerance, etc. of course) and that most of these ‘diets’ are, to put it in scientific terms, hokum.

Yet, a new study was just published that suggests that our genes do indeed (as our anecdotal experiences suggest) have an effect on how we respond to different ways of eating. Yet, the study is a small sample (58 women) and there are some other caveats (like the sponsor of the study does a genetic test to determine the best diet :/), but it does look interesting: Genetically Determined Dieting? Maybe Not Yet – Shots – Health News Blog : NPR.

I’ll wait till more extensive, conclusive study comes out to say what effects our genes have on what diet we respond to best, but frankly, most of us would probably do pretty well eating a mainly a lot of of whole fruit, vegetables, nuts, legumes and grains with a bit of lean meat and dairy (if we are so inclined). Very simple (not easy, but quite simple).