MyNCBI and eRA Commons

If you use MyNCBI (which I like) and eRA Commons (got an NIH grant? Then you probably do), MyNCBI now has a handy new feature I just discovered (of course if I looked at the NCBI news last month, I’d have discovered it earlier :D) and thought I’d point out.
The new feature allows you to link your bibliography in MyNCBI (which is absurdly easy to build :) with your eRA commons account. Then, when you view your bibliography, you’ll find a new $ icon. Click that icon and it will give you the following information about all your citations: Whether the citation complies with NIH’s (sort of) new public access policy and if there is NIH funding associated with the citation (which you can link if you have an open grant in your eRA Commons account). Nice feature you might want to check out, and it might be a nice subject for a Tip of the Week in a couple weeks :).