More Friday Fun – OpenHelix Sudoku, Puzzle 1

OH Sudoku Puzzle 1*

In past posts we’ve pointed you to a HapMap Sudoku puzzle, and we’ve had a word search puzzle on names of sequenced genomes.

For today’s ‘Friday Fun’, here’s an OpenHelix sudoku to challenge you brain, at least a bit, just for the fun of it. If you are a sudoku puzzle fiend like my daughter, you will have already guessed that we are using our name (instead of the numbers 1-9) and our two E’s are distinguished from one another with a subscript 1 or 2.

This puzzle is roughly a level 6 on a scale of 1-10 & if you’d like a ‘peek’ at the solution you can click the ‘more’ button (below). If you try the puzzle, be sure to let me know whether you’d like the next one easier or harder & I’ll try to get another of these out on some other Friday that I deem primed for a puzzle. Enjoy!

Here’s the solution of our puzzle!

OH Sudoku Puzzle 1 Solution

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  3. Heqal

    How to learn the Sudoku.

    Please give me the steps and the theory.


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