Tip of the Week: GOOD

This tip of the week comes to you by way of the recent NAR Database issue article and a twitter from Francis Ouillette. The Gene-Oriented Orthology Database (or GOOD) is a relatively new database of orthologous regions found in four genomes (human, mouse, chimpanzee and cow) using gene regions (hence the name) instead of proteins to determine orthology. As the authors state in the paper:

Several ortholog databases are now available online. Most of them, however, consider orthology from the aspect of protein sequences individually, including HomoloGene, EnsemblCompara, Inparanoid , Roundup , OrthoMCL and OrthoDB . There exist ambiguous and incomplete ortholog assignments because of the interference mediated by alternative splicing (AS). Isoforms of one gene might beassigned to different orthologous clusters.

They also use GO terms in depth to help determine functions and annotations. The tip of the week this week is a quick introduction to this new database.

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