Science and Policy

Mostly I try to keep my politics out of the business.  And I try to keep my business out of the politics.  But I think this is non-partisan (at least from an informational perspective).  What one chooses to do with the knowledge…well…YMMV.

But I thought I’d mention this upcoming online seminar from the Scientists and Engineers for America.  For a long time scientists sat on the sidelines (for some good reasons) and stayed out of policy battles.  But I think in the end that didn’t really serve us well.  I can’t be too explicit about this, but I was at a meeting at a gubmint agency some time ago (during the previous administration).  We were discussing a project that needed stem cells to generate the data that was really crucial.  We had to actually stop talking about that.  First-hand I saw a political barrier to science.  It’s a moment I’ll never forget.

Anyway, I think it is time more scientists step into discussions where science and policy interface.  So when this announcement came in my email today I decided I might check it out.  There may be some other readers who are thinking about arena as well, so I figured I’d mention it.

Scientific Rigor and Political Necessity
Bridging the Cultural Divide Between Scientists and Policy Makers


Dr. Josh Trapani
Staff Director of the Science for Policy Project
Bipartisan Policy Center

You can check out the full announcement here, and you need to RSVP to get instructions for the technical pieces (chat room, conference call, video link, etc).  I’m trying to be a better communicator for science, and I hope to learn something.