Space-age training: mobile battery-powered workstations

chop_station3.jpgA couple of weeks ago we did a training at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP). What a terrific group–eager to learn more, attentive, and smart. Our host–Xiaowu Gai–set up a great day for more than 50 people to get trained up on the UCSC Genome Browser. And Dr. Gai and his team created one of the coolest training rooms we have been in–from an ordinary seminar room.

Shown here are a couple of shots of the mobile workstations that they used. These are battery powered (if required, but you could plug them in), thin-client, wireless workstations. They appeared to be capable of monitoring the trainees heart rate and breathing (although we didn’t try that :) ). They had a nice size monitor, the keyboard area, and a desk surface for notes and handouts and such, too. The trainees had no problems accessing the UCSC Genome Browser or following along with our handouts and exercise documents. Click the images for a slightly larger view of them.

chop_station4.jpgWe’ve been in a lot of training rooms across the country now, and this was by far the most unusual conversion of a regular room to a training room we’ve seen. Reduced tripping hazards from wires for trainers was especially welcomed! And it must have been relatively easy to break down afterwards, too. Those units can get wheeled away and stored until needed again.

Anyway–we had a great day, we hope the CHOP folks did as well. It really felt like the age of genomics!