New and Updated Online Tutorials for GoMiner and XplorMed

Comprehensive tutorials on the publicly available GoMiner and XplorMed databases enable researchers to quickly and effectively use these invaluable resources

Seattle, WA (PRWEB) February 16, 2010 — OpenHelix today announced the availability of a new tutorial on GoMiner, and an updated tutorial suite on XplorMed.

GoMiner is a set of publicly available tools that can enable you to ascribe biological significance to large lists of genes by annotating them with their corresponding Gene Ontology, or GO, categories. XplorMed is a public web-based tool which allows you to access a text-mining algorithm that can improve upon standard PubMed searches by mining abstracts for word frequencies and combinations. These two tutorials, in conjunction with OpenHelix tutorials on PubMatrix, STRING. Gene Ontology and Textpresso, give you a set of training resources help you be efficient and effective at text and literature mining.

With these tutorials, researchers can quickly learn to effectively and efficiently use GoMiner and XplorMed.

The tutorial suites, available through an annual OpenHelix subscription, contain an online, narrated, multimedia tutorial, which runs in just about any browser connected to the web, along with slides with full script, handouts and exercises. With the tutorials, researchers can quickly learn to effectively and efficiently use these resources. The scripts, handouts and other materials can also be used as a reference or for training others.

These tutorials will teach users:


*to use both the downloadable GUI and web-based High-Throughput GoMiner tools
*to understand and manipulate your GO annotated data
*to construct beautiful visuals to display and present your results clearly


*how to extract fascinating relationships among PubMed abstracts
*to use stored sets of abstracts to discover new information
*to start with identifiers of interest and collect relevant abstracts for further examination
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