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I’m deeply immersed in a new project right now, so my blogging has been light of late.  But in lieu of that–you can check out a new paper on Galaxy that’s just come out!  We were approached by the Current Protocols in Molecular Biology team last year because they saw the need for works that were aimed at the folks who aren’t already in bioinformatics.  So we crafted a couple of papers designed to be useful for people who are doing benchwork and need to accomplish things with bioinformatics tools, but don’t need to be experts or coders.

The Galaxy paper has now been published, and you can check it out here: (subscription required)

Galaxy: A Web‐Based Genome Analysis Tool for Experimentalists

Current Protocols in Molecular Biology, UNIT 19.10 DOI: 10.1002/0471142727.mb1910s89

I think it is very effective at step-by-step guidance on some tasks that scientists are likely to need, if I do say so myself as one of the authors :) .  There are also accompanying screen casts for additional assistance.   You can also see our free tutorial sponsored by the Galaxy team for an overview and orientation of Galaxy as well.
Once experimentalists realize the range of problems Galaxy could solve for them–without writing code–they are very excited.  We’ve seen it in the workshops we’ve done.  It really offers a lot of utility.

[Note: If you didn’t see our other paper with a similar aim for end users, you can check that out in this post: Our Current Protocols paper on the UCSC Genome Browser is out! ]

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