Tip of the Week: uBIO federated taxonomic search

This week’s tip of the week introduces a thesaurus of biological names, called uBio.  http://www.ubio.org/ The uBio project aims to collect and organize biological names–historical and current–and make them available for searching or for use in other tools.  It also contains dozens of cool links to other tools and projects around taxonomy and biodiversity around the world. I found out about them from Trey’s recent Tip on the PhyloWidget tool–one of the links you can use after you build a phylogeny is to uBio.  This short movie focuses mostly on the basic search, and points to a few of the other related items.

A brief description of the project can be found at the project description at the Wood’s Hole Marine Biological Laboratory site:

The Main component of the uBio project is a Taxonomic Name Server that acts as a thesaurus. One Taxon can have many names and the same name can refer to many taxa; this project provides services to reconcile these differences. There are two component to this: NameBank, a repository of millions of recorded biological names, and ClassificationBank which stores multiple classifications and taxonomic concepts.

They collaborate with a huge range of projects, from natural history to biodiversity resources.  One of the available links included digitized access to the Nomenclator Zoologicus which is a descendant of Linnaeus’ Systema Naturae.

Check out uBio for some nifty taxonomic and biodiversity utilities. http://www.ubio.org