a sleep database

sleepheartdiseases.jpgI love my job, databases intersect with my personal interests often. “A blog around the clock” reports on a new open access Sleep Journal and a “Sleep Database.” As someone with sleep apnea (and whose CPAP machine changed his life), I am fascinated by the entire subject. So I’ll be keeping tabs on the journal, and the database (Phylogeny of Sleep) is fascinating. The database’s purpose, as the homepage states:

This database contains what are known as sleep quotas for 178 separate references, on 127 different species (as of June 29, 2007), in 46 families, across 17 orders, with additional sleep data on other species being added to the database as they become available. Sleep quotas are essentially time spent in each of the two major sleep states (REM and NREM) per day.

So, it is a very focused database to be sure, though they do have some larger projects in mind such as a comparative analysis between mammal and bird taxa (The author of the post linked above is correct, they should include many other taxa, sleep is ubiquitous in animals beyond mammals and birds).


Couple other sleep resources, articles for your reading pleasure:

1. Allen Brain Atlas Sleep Study data: “Microarray data is available for seven brain regions collected from five experimental conditions: sleep deprivation, recovery sleep, and three time-of-day controls.”

2. Interesting blog post and article on function of sleep. From “A blog around the clock”.. always an interesting read

3. American Sleep Apnea Association

4. Sleep Research Society. (they have some slide sets on sleep research and information for use)