Official GBrowse 2.0 launch announced

Just got this email from the GBrowse mailing list. Lincoln Stein announces the release of GBrowse 2.0. Here’s the link to the full announcement. Here’s a portion of the text; the full email includes a couple of things not included yet:

With thanks to the many people who have worked long and hard on this project, as well as the people who found and reported bugs during the prerelease stage, I am happy I announce that GBrowse 2.00 is now available for downloading from CPAN, and SourceForge,

The following are hilights of the many new features that have been added since the 1.70 release:
• A completely rewritten internal rearchitecture loads tracks asynchronously, providing a more responsive user experience.
• Different database backends can be associated with each track, making backend management much simpler.
• A revamped user interface for a less cluttered and more functional end-user experience.
• A UI theming system with three predefined themes, including a cool “transparent” theme.
• A custom track upload and management system gives users much greater control over custom tracks.
• An optional admin interface allows an authorized user to upload and manage public tracks without editing config files.
• An optional user registration and login system allows users to register stable GBrowse accounts and to keep their settings and custom tracks when they move from one computer to another.
• Support for named subtracks (tracks within tracks) and filtering of those subtracks.
• Support for next generation sequencing data.

For those of you who want a quick feel for the new look/features of 2.0 you should check out the Tip of the Week and you can try it out at WebGBrowse.

And yes, we’ll update our GBrowse freely-available tutorial as 2.0 rolls out at more and more sites.  But lots of sites will maintain the previous versions for some time in our experience, so there is still plenty of value in knowing how the previous versions work.