Tip of the Week: WebGBrowse, now v2.0

From the GBrowse mailing list this week comes word of the new version of WebGBrowse.  I talked about WebGBrowse in the past as a very handy tool for creating a GBrowse visualization of data that you may have.  Using WebGBrowse permits you to upload, view, and interact with the data without the overhead of installing a local copy of GBrowse and having to maintain that.  This short Tip of the Week demonstrates how easy it is to interact with this web-based, customizable, implementation of GBrowse.

The full announcement can be found here, but briefly here were the highlights for me:

- The users will now have a choice of GBrowse display between versions
1.7 and 2.0.
- The display from one version can be migrated to the other by simple
button clicks. This helps the users to compare their data display between the two versions without much hassle. It also helps the WebGBrowse users in upgrading/migrating their existing GBrowse displays to version 2.0 seamlessly.

This would be great for a smaller project team that can’t maintain their own local copy of GBrowse, or as a way to pilot the project before committing to the whole thing.  I also think this could be a very handy teaching tool for instructors who want to get students up to speed on some of the foundations of genome browser display without too much overhead.