Science goes to the movies

I just caught a movie review today, for a film that I wasn’t aware of before.  It’s so rare to see a phrase like this in a movie review:

Listening to Ford say things like “We’ve got to get better cleavage between the alpha and beta subunits’’ never gets old.

I don’t know which alphas and betas they are discussing, but I’m intrigued.  It sounds like an interesting film about science and the drama of discovery.  The fictional company developing a drug is Zymagen, and it’s reportedly based on a story that occurred down the street a ways from me.

The underlying real story is from this book:

The Cure: How a Father Raised $100 Million–and Bucked the Medical Establishment–in a Quest to Save His Children by Geeta Anand

I hadn’t heard of the book before either, but I have to say I’m intrigued by that now too. A father hunts for the funding to find a cure for his kids’ Pompe disease.

In both cases, I’m glad to see science getting out to the general public.  I’m sure there will be some laughable language in the film.  But I’m glad to see the interest.  That said, I think I can wait for the DVD.

EDIT: Whoops–browser crash mid-post.  The movie is Extraordinary Measures, and that links to the review.

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