Tip of the Week: Managing & sharing references with Mendeley

This week’s tip is a bit off-topic (as in genomics databases), but it is science/biology-related and something we all need. There are a lot of reference management software possibilities out there like EndNote, some great web 2.0 social networking sites like Connotea (Nature Publishing) and CiteULike (Springer) and some PDF management tools. Mendeley wants to be all three. I like the idea a lot. Instead of having 2 or 3 separate applications, desktop and/or web, etc., you have one to rule them all. Of course EndNote has EndNote web, but it’s not free (Mendeley is free, and the features they offer now will stay free. They will offer new features for professional users later with a fee). You can export your references in Connotea and CiteULIke, but it’s an extra annoying step. My first experiences with Mendeley have been quite positive, so I thought I’d introduce them to you here.

5 thoughts on “Tip of the Week: Managing & sharing references with Mendeley

  1. Ricardo Vidal

    Hi Trey,

    My name is Ricardo Vidal and I’m part of the Mendeley team as Community Liaison and after reading your blog post, I was wondering what “extra annoying step” were you referring to.

    Like you say, you an have your CiteULike library easily sync’d with your Mendeley account by simply introducing you CiteULike details in the options and you’ll be on your way.

    Did you have to go through any other extra steps to get CiteULike working? Please let me know. We’re trying to make researchers lives easier, not more “annoying” :)

  2. Casey Chan

    http://www.WizFolio.com is a Web 2.0 journal reference manager but does a lot more than simply managing references. As a web based application, it does not require installation and you can access all your files anywhere and anytime with Internet connection. It has the look and feel of a desktop application. WizAdd can import bibliographic data from the top 200 scientific publishers’ website. This web importer allows you to select which folder you want to import to. WizCite is a powerful and easy to use citation engine with on the fly customization and instant preview. Sharing your bibliographic data is as easy as a drag and drop.
    Disclosure: I am the CEO and Chief Architect of WizFolio

  3. Trey Post author

    Sorry Ricardo, that wasn’t clear. I was not speaking of Mendeley. I was speaking of using CiteULike and Connotea to import those references into an Endnote-like reference manager where you have to export from CiteULike and then import into EndNote. Sorry, didn’t make that clear. Frankly, I haven’t found anything “annoying” about Mendeley :D.

    @Casey, thanks! I’ll check out WizFolio.

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  5. Casey Chan

    @Trey, WizFolio is one of the best tool to organize your Youtube videos. You can search, organize and play Youtube videos inside WizFolio. When on a Youtube page, you can with a single click import Youtube links into WizFolio using WizAdd the web importer.

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