When databases crack you up…

If you are someone who’s spent a lot of time deep in the recesses of databases — deeper than the average end users — sometimes you find some really interesting  things.  Sometimes they are instructive, such as: hmm…I didn’t realized mice had a bone there until I was working the the anatomical hierarchy at Jax…  Sometimes they are creepy.  Buried in the MeSH hierarchy was about the most repulsive term I’d ever seen in a controlled vocabulary.  I complained about this to them probably 10 years ago, and just realized it doesn’t appear in MeSH 2010, finally.

But then there are other times when a database search leaves one ROFL.  That happened some time ago when I came across this odd tidbit in a search for gray hair genes. It generated some discussion among my sphere of colleagues about other funny things we’ve come across in the databases.

Well, there’s one whole blog dedicated to the pursuit of humor in NCBI’s PubMed.  I just found out from the #scio10 tweets from the ScienceOnline2010 meeting that they have found a new home on the Discover blogs collection!

NCBI ROFL: Hello, world! (again)

Congrats to them.  If you find you need to chuckle at the literature sometimes–or need a funny sample for a presentation perhaps, check them out at their new home. They also take suggestions. So if you find something in PubMed that cracks you up, send it along.