UCSC to delete some sessions/custom tracks

From the UCSC mailing list comes word of an important issue for people who use custom tracks in sessions.  Because of storage issues, they are going to have to delete some of the ones that haven’t been accessed in a while.

Snip of the announcement below, full version at here.

Over the next few days, we are going to start actively deleting Custom Tracks
within Sessions that have not been accessed within the past 4 months.  If you
actively use your Custom Tracks within saved Sessions, they will not be deleted.

I’ve talked about UCSC sessions before.  They are really handy to set up a view with everything you want and send to a colleague.  Then you can get on skype and both be looking at the same region with the same tracks at the same time and talk about them.  In fact, I have to do that later today to chat with Trey on something for the update to our ENCODE training materials that we are working on.

Sessions are also handy in training workshops too.  You can get everyone on the same thing at the same time, which sometimes is a challenge (well, you won’t get the ones checking their email).  I have also used sessions in blog posts.