mmmmm, tasty genomes, my favorite

Word comes from the Plant and Animal Genome conference of the woodland (alpine) strawberry genome.  I haven’t seen evidence of a paper about it, I imagine that’s coming. And I checked the GDR (Genome Database for Rosaceae) but can’t seem to locate the sequence yet.

James has discovered that this isn’t the case–no strawberry genome yet, that the press release was not accurate on this.  You can also see a comment on this at ScienceBlog.

But I was also checking the tweets from #PAG and this made me laugh:

I wish I was at that meeting.  Must put it on my calendar for next year.

3 thoughts on “mmmmm, tasty genomes, my favorite

  1. James

    That’s great! If the sequence is of good quality (and since they sequenced the genome in collaboration with Roche it probably benefited from the longer reads of 454 sequencing… I’m looking at you cucumber genome), it’ll be very interesting to look at given its position within the rosids.

    At lab meeting this very morning (I’m on pacific time) we were discussing how useful it would be to have just one or two more high quality genomes within that clade.

    Thanks for the heads up Mary!

  2. Jeremy

    You aren’t going to find it because it doesn’t exist, yet. As James pointed out, the press release was somewhat premature …

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