Tip of the Week: Year (2nd!) of Tips

If you’ve been following this blog, you’ll know that every Wednesday, come rain, shine or travel, we post a tip of the week. 98% of the time that’s a short 3-5 minute screencast of some genomics database or resource we like or an aspect of one we think you might find useful*. We’ve been doing this for just over 2 years now, with over 100 tips. That’s a lot of screencasting! At the end of last year we recapped that year’s tips in two posts, the first half of the year, and the second half. We are going to do that this year to over these last two weeks of the year. Today I’ll list the tips we posted during the first half of the year, next week Mary will list the second half of the year’s worth. The list for January through June is below the fold:

Jan 7: BioData Mining OpenAccess Journal about the journal “BioData Mining”

Jan 14: Genomic Data Resources about our article on the state of genomic resources and Scitable.

Jan 21: Visualizing GWAS with HapMap tools

Jan 28: Scitable Classrooms, building an online classroom with Nature Scitable

Feb 4: Model Organism Database tutorials, an introduction to 10 new free tutorials

Feb 11: from OSTI to a Plethora of Resources, an introduction to site to launch to lots of resources

Feb 18: Allergen Atlas

Feb 25: Converting Genome Coordinates, using Galaxy

Mar 4: Galaxy Intro, an introduction to the Galaxy analysis tool

Mar 11: International Stem Cell Registry

Mar 18: TDR Targets Database, datasets of drug targets in pathogens causing neglected diseases

Mar 25: Rice Kinase Database

Apr 1: My NCBI Database Search Filters

Apr 8: UCSC Cancer Genomics Browser

Apr 15: Current Protocol Tools, collection of utilities for bench work

Apr 22: Galaxy, the intro to the full one hour (free) tutorial on Galaxy

Apr 29: ViralZone at ExPASy, provides concise introduction to a virus as well as links to any variety of detailed information

May 6: Searching dbSNP for Human Variation

May 13: Sharing your analysis process, using Galaxy to share your workflow and analysis steps

May 20: Online Biomedical Textbooks

May 27: File Format Conversion, using ReadSeq

Jun 3: PhenX Toolkit for GWAS Penotype and Exposure Studies

Jun 10: DNAPlotter, a tool that will enable a circular graphical representation of the data

Jun 17: F-SNP, provides integrated SNP information from 16 tools and databases

Jun 24: Biodiversity Resources, an introduction to Bioversity International resources

*for the vast majority of resources we introduce in our tips, we  have no financial relationship with the provider or developer. The ones we do are listed here.