If you hadn’t noticed, it’s the Year of the Rats

ratMary pointed out (and I’ve Tivo’d for my daughter, the great lover of rats) that the History channel had a special on rats recently. Well, not to be outdone, Nature Genetics May issue is all about rats. There are some great articles in that issue about rat genetics and rat genetics as a model for human disease genetics. And if you are at all interested in Rat genomics, the article “What everybody should know about the rat genome and it’s online resources” is a very useful read (and freely accessible I believe). The article will walk you through some of the rat genome data and tools available at Ensembl, NCBI, UCSC Genome Browser and RGD *. Definitely worth checking out.

Now, History channel specials and Nature Genetics focuses have set the bar high for next year’s Year of the Ox, the bovine genome was completed last year.

(*Just btw, there have free tutorials on the NCBI Map Viewer as part of a DNA Day celebration and UCSC Genome Browser. We also have others on Ensembl as part of the general subscription and a subscription to an NCBI-specific set including dbSNP, BLAST and OMIM among others. RGD is coming up.)