Genetic protection: the process

There is a neat article in Science this week that discusses the process of getting the GINA legislation through Congress in an interview Louise Slaughter. 13 years this took. 13 years! My god, that’s longer than grad school. In fact, I was in Rochester NY in grad school (Louise Slaughter’s district) when this quest began. I remember thinking how cool that was–and how cool that she was a microbiologist. It never occurred to me that it would take this long.

How to Get a Genetic Protection Law Through Congress? Keep Trying (requires subscription)

Sounds like the secret to grad school, too.

I have to say, though, that I’m worried. This was a fairly straightforward law. It was mostly widely-agreed-upon. Imagine how long it takes to get other science-based legislation in place on other topics, some of which are much more contentious. And multiply the difficulty by that time. Sigh.