Virtual Online NCBI Field Guide available from OpenHelix

Get a year access to over ten OpenHelix tutorials on NCBI bioinformatics and genomics resources.OpenHelix today announced it is offering a Virtual Field Guide on NCBI Resources, with a year subscription to over ten self-run, web based, narrated tutorials on NCBI bioinformatics and genomics resources.The Virtual NBCI Field Guide currently includes tutorials on dbSNP, Entrez Gene, Entrez Overview, GEO, Map Viewer, OMIM, and PubMed. Additional tutorials on BLAST, Entrez Protein, MMDB, and dbGaP will be added over the next three months. Subscribers to the Virtual NCBI Field Guide will have access to any and all of these tutorials and their updates for one year.

All tutorials are an introduction to the resources, explaining features, functionally and use for the beginning to intermediate user. The tutorials also include downloadable PowerPoint slides, handouts, and exercises for use as reference or for use in a classroom setting.

“NCBI provides many powerful and popular resources,” explained Scott Lathe, CEO of OpenHelix, “but with NCBI no longer offering onsite seminars, we are attempting to meet the urgent need for this training with a special subscription at a low price.”

The Virtual NCBI Field Guide can be purchased for a single user, a lab, a department or for a company or institution. Subscription for one user for one year is only $199, with multiple user pricing as low as $15 per user per year.

For more information or to purchase, visit

OpenHelix, LLC, ( provides the genomics knowledge you need when you need it. OpenHelix provides online self-run tutorials and on-site training for institutions and companies on the most powerful and popular free, web based, publicly accessible bioinformatics resources. In addition, OpenHelix is contracted by resource providers to provide comprehensive, long-term training and outreach programs.

2 thoughts on “Virtual Online NCBI Field Guide available from OpenHelix

  1. Kristi

    Good morning! I have a quick question for you: are your Field Guide instructional materials based on the field guides of yore (those taught by NCBI) or have you incorporated new content, new practice problems, etc?

  2. Mary

    Hi Kristi–

    These are our own materials with new content, we did not use the NCBI materials to create these.

    If you want to get a sense of them you could try the Map Viewer version we made available for DNA Day:

    It doesn’t contain everything that the subscription version does (the slides and handouts are available for trainers to use in that version). But you can see the structure and content. Also the exercises are available for download and you can try those.

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