Tip of the Week: Clock Gene Music


If you didn’t know it already, there is an entire community out there, having noted the similarity between biological sequences and music, that has been working out methods to convert DNA and protein sequences into music using the properties/differences in the bases and amino acids. Some of the results of this fiddling have created some interesting, and often haunting and beautiful, music. One such site is Gene2Music. Here, several people (Rie Takahashi, Jeffery Miller et. al) have created an algorithm to translate gene sequences into music. In this tip of the week we’ll show you the site and how to take a gene of interest and create your own piece. Take a quick listen to Human ThyA (audio) and then listen to a piece composed by Rie Takahashi based on the themes of ThyA. Impressive. Maybe the next Mozart will do a series of compositions based on the human genome (that will be one long concert).

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  1. Mary

    Hi Hsien–

    Thanks for the invite. I will be sure to have Trey get in touch with you–he manages the blog stuff. But we are on the road for training this week so it may take a couple of days.

    I imagine we qualify :)

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