Lists of Lists. Whoa. You've got mail.

email.jpg I’m on a lot of mailing lists. We are trying to keep up with software updates on a whole bunch of tools and sites–all of which have their own system, of course. Of course there are a number of science ones–not only bioinformatics/genomics–that we need to be on top of. Then there are the industry news and networking ones–stuff in the industry that I need to follow.

It almost seems too much to show you this, if you are drowning in similar collections of mail. But it really may be useful to find the right group among all the possible ones at the NIH, if you are trying to keep an eye out for announcements in this time of challenging budgets, for example. It may be of use to stay on top of certain project areas. The other day when I was signing up for a new mailing list at NIH I came across this site, called the Lists of Lists. It appears to have a caboodle of mailing lists around the NIH in one collection. I’m not sure it contains all of them–I think there are a couple I’m on that I don’t see. But if you funding area or research topic is represented, it might be worth joining up for announcements or discussions.