RT: UCSC Browser moves to new assembly this week

Ok, so if it’s a blog post it’s not so much of a retweet.  But here’s what I put out with my TweetDeck a little while ago.


For those of you who don’t use or follow twitter, what I have done is posted a quick note about a change that will affect UCSC Genome Browser users.  The default setting of the human genome when you arrive will be changed this week from the March 2006 assembly to the February 2009 assembly.  This was announced on the UCSC genome-announce mailing list, and I provided the URL to the email using the tool called bit.ly to shorten the URL to as few characters as I can: http://bit.ly/818nZr .  That link will take you to the mailing list archive and you can see how long the link would be over there.

I also tagged my tweet with #bioinformatics and #genomics hashtags because the people who follow those keywords or topics will read the tweet–they are likely to be affected or interested in this.  Personally I keep a standing search in my TweetDeck software for those terms.   There are often cool leads on papers or new software that come across those keywords.