Tip of the Week: RCSB PDB Comparison Tool

2009-12-01_PDB_comptoolIn today’s tip I am going to feature a sequence and structure comparison tool brought to you by the RCSB Protein Data Bank, or PDB. The PDB archive contains information about experimentally-determined structures of proteins, nucleic acids, and complex assemblies. As a member of the wwPDB, the RCSB PDB curates and annotates PDB data, and provides a variety of tools and resources to accessing these data.

I’m sure MANY of you are familiar with the RCSB PDB and rely on them to provide you access to protein structures. If you haven’t visited the RCSB PDB lately, you may be surprised to see how many features and functions they’ve updated and added. We are currently updating our tutorial on this great resource. When it is ready the tutorial will show you where to find many of these updates and how to use them. I’m sure we’ll announce the release of our updated materials, but for now I’m going to provide you with a RCSB PDB ‘teaser’ that I hope will entice you to into visiting and exploring the RCSB PDB, as well as watching for our updated tutorial.

And if after seeing this tip you think you might want to have an easy way to access this tool, you can add it to your own blog or lab homepage just by getting the widget code, as described in this post by Trey.  Enjoy this weeks tip!

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