Science Rocks!

thank_youThat was the word I got back from a kid who was assembling a plastic model of a virus that was donated to his science class. I also got this fabulous diagram of a plant cell from another kid. There were some funny and sweet thank you notes in the mail for me as one of the donors to the project. The project was called “Fill Our Display Case” and you can see the kids building the models in the photos over there.

A friend on another blog has been running a weekly project to find worthy science classroom projects on the Donor’s Choice site, and try to raise funds for these classes. A lot of people complain about science education today–but don’t know what to do about it, and she’s found a way to make a difference directly to teachers who want to change it up.

Some people use the holidays as a time to focus their giving to meritorius projects and causes.  If you are considering holiday donations please think about the Donor’s Choice projects.  You get to pick projects you like, and you can see the delight of the teachers and kids who benefit.  It just struck me what a great way it is to find science educators who need support, and directly touch the lives of kids with science!  And now I have very nice artwork to hang in my office :)

3 thoughts on “Science Rocks!

  1. James

    You would have to pick a picture from a kid clearly excited about plant cells. :-D Now I will simply have to pull together the money for a donation sometime this month.

    Can’t have potential plant scientists getting through school without having the chance to discover how exciting plants are in the first place.

  2. Mary Post author

    Well, that one was so stellar because of the use of color and the detail that I just loved it. But there were several nifty ones with other organisms too. The most out-of-the-box creative one was this, though:

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