Happy DNA Day!

dna dayWatson and Crick’s discovery was 55 years ago (original Nature article). The Human genome was completed 5 years ago.

And thus DNA Day every April 25th in celebration of those two huge milestones. The celebrations often revolve around education and educational tools to teach students, scientists and the public about the science behind DNA and the genome.

As we mentioned last week (that post has more interesting information about DNA Day), we are celebrating here too. Well, actually we celebrate DNA day every day ;), it’s our job.. but in extra celebration…

We are offering a tutorial on how to use the NCBI Map Viewer. The NCBI Map Viewer, as our blurb says,

organizes and displays dozens of species genomes, and provides additional context with appropriate annotations for the genomic sequences. Extensive integration with other NCBI tools enables researchers to link quickly to relevant additional details.mapviewer

So, go check it out and learn a little more in celebration of DNA Day! (and don’t forget, there are 7 free full tutorial suites available)

Also, DNA Day is begin celebrated around the world, check out some of these celebrations:

At “Eye on DNA” points to a DNA Day ECard!

Go to the DNA Day Chat Room at the National Human Genome Research Institute

Go extract your own DNA or “write your name in DNA” in beads of four colors for the real DNA geek in you.

Read some “Reflections on DNA Day” at SEA.

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