Tip of the Week: Got tips for us?

turkeyWe’ve been doing these tip-of-the-week posts for a couple of years now.  They seem pretty popular with both viewers and with the resource providers.

We’ll keep doing them–but this week we are celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday in the US and we won’t be around to take questions or comments.  So we thought we’d ask you: got any tips you want to share with us? You can post a link to a tip on your resource or bioinformatics topic that you might have done, or one that you’ve seen elsewhere and thought was good.

Or if you don’t have a specific tip movie or slide or poster or something, but would like to suggest we have a look at your favorite resource in the future, let us know in the comments and we’ll investigate it for a future tip!

Happy Thanksgiving!

OpenHelix will be closed for the next couple of days.  Just FYI.

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