Warren DeLano Memorial Fund

Bumped, as this is still running and has even expanded with additional books, and fewer entries per book–so your chances are better!  Still a great cause, too–

Some of you may be aware of the unexpected passing of Warren DeLano, developer of PyMOL, which is software for viewing molecular structures.  Warren was also heavily involved in other apsects of the open source movement.

You can learn more about Warren at this In Memorium site, and read about the memories people are sharing over there.

In addition, Bernhard Rupp is offering a raffle for signed copies of his book to raise money for the memorial fund.  Here’s the note that came over the PDB mailing list the other day:

Dear All,

Warren DeLano, the creator of the popular and free molecular visualization software Pymol, recently and unexpectedly passed away, and a memorial fund supporting open source software development has been established in his name.

To provide additional incentive for smaller donations to the Warren DeLano Memorial Fund, I am raffling off a signed copy of my book (a $140 value) for $5.00 raffle ticket.

I donate an additional book (up to 5 books), each time we reach 150 tickets. All proceeds will go to the Fund.

The Fund page


The link to my incentive raffle


The raffle will end either when I am out of books or by Dec 15, so that the books arrive by Christmas.

Thx, BR

They are close to raffling off the first book–but more are available.  It’s a nice way to contribute, or you can contribute to the fund directly at the memorial site.