R Genetics is back up

The other day I did a post about the UCSC, Galaxy, and R Genetics presentations at ASHG.  At the time, though, I couldn’t get to R Genetics at the regular url (http://www.rgenetics.org).  I contacted Ross Lazarus and found out there had been a server meltdown over the weekend.

Well, I have just received word that the materials are back up, and/or in the process of being restored.  You can access the URL above to get to the Lazarus projects site, or for going directly to the R Genetics tools in Galaxy go to this site: http://rgenetics.org/trac/rgalaxy.  At this time there is still a warning that some files are still awaiting recovery.  And if you find anything is missing do holler.

From the Rgenetics Galaxy tools site you can access the test server at Galaxy, where the R Genetics tools are in beta. From that page click the bullet name:

The interface looks similar to the regular Galaxy, but look down the list to find these:

We did a training a few months back where the workshop folks expressed much interest in having Galaxy be the interface for R. And it’s on the way….

EDIT: I have to close comments on this post because some Russian spammer has locked on to it and keeps clogging up the spam filter….

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