UCSC, Galaxy, and R Genetics at ASHG

Folks from UCSC Genome Browser, Galaxy, and the R Genetics project* gave workshops at the recent ASHG meeting.  They were very well attended–in fact, I heard they were the first things to sell out after the luau!  And the attendees I spoke with told me they were pleased with the opportunity to hear from these teams. At our booth other people were hoping to get some materials because they couldn’t attend either because the missed out on the sign up or had other stuff concurrently.  So I thought I’d do a quick post on what was covered.

This year there were two sessions, a more introductory level and then a more advanced level.  But there was still a lot of overlap between the groups, many people attended both sessions.

Bob Kuhn from UCSC presented features of the UCSC Genome Browser using a clinical report as a jumping-off point.  It’s a great idea, and people have been asking us for that kind of case study perspective as well.  If you’d like to see his workshop materials and the steps he was taking people through, check out this page: UCSC Genome Browser Workshop at ASHG 2009.

Anton Nekrutenko provided nice examples of analyses that can be performed with Galaxy that would be of interest to the ASHG folks.  Ross Lazarus demonstrated some tools from the R Genetics project, with a preview of their implementation in Galaxy.  This is a very nice direction, as people are always asking us for better web interfaces for some of these types of tools.


If you wanted to get up to speed on these tools you could check out our training materials on UCSC Genome Browser and Galaxy.  Both of those teams sponsor us to provide these tutorials for free and you can check them out on our site:

UCSC Genome Browser (3 tutorials at this time): Introduction, Advanced, Additional  Tools.

Galaxy: Introduction


*Update: server issues at the R Genetics link right now are causing problems so I’m taking it off for now.  It may have to move, and when I have an update I’ll re-link or get you the new spot.

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