We will celebrate DNA Day!

At OpenHelix, we certainly appreciate DNA! So we wanted to join in the festivities on DNA Day–this year the party is April 25, just about a week from today.

DNA Day commemorates the completion* of the human genome sequencing project. Annually there are special events, teaching and learning opportunities, and sometimes cupcakes**.

We are going to have something to offer, but we aren’t telling what just yet. Be sure to come back on Friday April 25th to see what we have available here. In the meantime, you might enjoy hearing Francis Collins talk about DNA Day. Did you know there will be a national chat room on that day? Or you might consider signing on to the COGE board: the Community of Genetic Educators. There are other ways to get involved–I know the American Society of Human Genetics organizes around this as well.

DNA Day at the NIH: http://www.genome.gov/20519692

ASHG Genetics Education and Outreach: http://genednet.org/pages/k12_mentor.shtml

*yeah, I know. But that’s the way it is told.

**maybe that’s just me. Down the street from me they make the best cupcakes in the world.

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