Fun with word searching genomes

genomes word search imageIt’s fun day here at Openhelix :). We were noticing that we were getting searches for things like “word search for non infectious diseases” and “Protein word search,” apparently due to this earlier post about searching AA sequences for real words. So we thought we’d run with it :). Using this site, I’ve created a word search using a few (30) of the completed eukaryotic genomes (species’ common names) you can find on GOLD (a list of completed and ongoing genome projects, great resource). So, try it, test your knowledge of which genomes are completed and your ability to see words in weird places. If you want, you can download a pdf of the word search puzzle here (genomes word search) to mark up. Now, I haven’t listed the the species names on the file or here, you know… to make it a bit more challenging. But if you really need to see which words you are looking for you can see them here, and if you just need the key, it’s at the bottom of the linked page.

So, when you are waiting for that experiment or on the bus home, have at it. We might do these occasionally for the fun of it.

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