Does anybody have a Cre-whatever mouse…?

By: Darryl Leja, NHGRI

By: Darryl Leja, NHGRI

Ever since I was a post-doc at Jax, I’ve been on the MGI mailing list. Some days it brings back memories.  Some days it brings laughter.  The other day I had a major problem with the spam filter because the discussion was about:  “Breeding from male with low sex drive” which, for obvious reasons, my mail filters thought was naughty.

But most often it is informative about research topics, mutant mice, and about resources that are useful either at MGI or other sites that mouse researchers like to use. Yesterday it was an announcement about a new segment of the MGI database: a Cre-Recombinase Portal.  One of the frequent questions on the list is “does anyone have a floxed mouse with _____ tissue expression….?” or “under control of ______ promoter….?”

The new portal will help researchers to find the right models.  The first part of the announcement mail (you’d have to go in and find Thursday’s mail; it has more details about how to us Creportal):

MGI has released a Cre Recombinase Data Portal ( that specifically addresses the need to access cre expression and specificity data. Through this portal, users can access information about all existing cre transgenes and knock-ins. Data include the molecular description of the cre transgene or knock-in, the driver / promoter used, inducibility information, publications, and availability of cre mice through the IMSR. Detailed data, including annotated images showing cre activity / expression for the tissues analyzed are being added as available. Access to phenotypes displayed by cre-deleted mice is provided via integration with MGI’s phenotype data.

Currently, there are over 1,040 recombinase-containing transgenes or knock-in alleles cataloged.

Check it out if you or people you know need these mice.  Might save a lot of time if you can find the right mouse in the database rather than on the mailing lists….

Cre-Recombinase Portal: