Plants at ScienceBlogs! Woot!

arabidopsisI really enjoy reading ScienceBlogs.  There are high quality science communicators over there.  And I get to read current stuff in my field, and it’s a nice place to read some of the other fields too–with a lower barrier of entry than trying to read physics papers, for example.

But one thing I thought was missing was representation of plant science.  So I wrote to them a while back requesting a plant science blog.  Now, I’m not saying that tipped the balance, but I’m not afraid to ask for stuff I want :)  And now there is one.

Pam Ronald–whose work I’ve written about before–is now one of the SciBlings!  I’m just tickled.   Her blog: Tomorrow’s Table, is moving over there.  It’s still early, you can’t seem to get there from the front page of ScienceBlogs yet.  But you know how moving to a new place goes….If you want to see some of her work as an introduction, you can watch the talk she gave at The Long Now recently.

I learned about this from Biofortified, another great place for plant science blogging.  I also read Genetic Maize regularly.  And every day I read  Check ‘em out if you are a fan of plant science.