Ever Wish you Knew the Structure?

PSI_proposal_post2Did you ever wish you knew the structure of your favorite protein, or maybe the protein it interacted with? Would that help you better figure out why a particular mutation is effecting functions so much more than other ‘similar’ mutations? If so you may just be in luck with a new Protein Structure Initiative (PSI) program. You can read all about the opportunity in this recent PSI-SGKB Structural Genomics Update article, but essentially the structural biology community is requesting proposals for collaborations from non-structural biologists. You can even propose your favorite protein to become a target for solution by one of the PSI centers.

If you are not sure what types of proteins might interest them, or whats involved? Take a look at the article I mentioned above (which has great links to additional information), watch this NIH VideoCast of a discussion about the PSI:Biology Network, and check out the Biomedical Themes of the various PSI Centers.

Then submit your proposals! But ya better hurry, the extended deadline is October 28th.