Tip of the Week: SwissVar, a New Genotype-phenotype Resource from SIB

SwissVar_tip_movieToday’s tip is on a new genotype/phenotype resource from the Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics, or SIB. I was already a fan of many SIB tools and resources, and was using one (ENZYME) when I found a notice about SwissVar. SwissVar is described as ‘a portal to Swiss-Prot diseases and variants.’ It includes information about genotype-phenotype relationships for each specific variant, manually annotated from literature. Manual annotation adds a level of quality and believability to this data. The SwissVar portal also contains various pre-computed information that may aid in determining the effect of the variant. Genotype-phenotype searches can begin with either Medical Subject Headings, or MeSH terms (Disease), gene or protein names (General characteristics) or variants (Functional/structural features). There are multiple ways to modify your searches, and results are clean tables of data including gene/protein accessions, names, links to MeSH definitions and links to variation reports.

If your research could benefit from high quality, manually curated genotype/phenotype information, I suggest you watch this tip, and then explore SwissVar according to your own interests.

SwissVar – a Portal to Swiss-Prot Diseases and Variants: http://www.expasy.ch/swissvar/

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