DNA Diet. Again.

The first time I was joking about a gene-based diet plan someone pointed out to me that there already was a book on this, done by what appears to be a sequential peddler of woo.  I’m not going to link to that book, but you can find the details in my previous post on this topic.

So when I saw coverage of a new gene-based weight-loss program on my local TV the other night I just cringed.  The story and video are available on their site.

Dieting Success May Be In Your Genes reports on a woman who succeeded in losing weight after taking the DNA test from Interleukin Genetics.  At the end of the story they say that others experts (who wouldn’t go on camera) were skeptical. But that clearly wasn’t the main point of the story.  The main point was 1 woman (anecdote) lost weight after taking a DNA test.  For $150 dollars.  At least the book was cheaper….

It looks like they have a series of tests for the “worried well” to alter their diets.  And that will be able to drive parents nuts.  At least they do offer something that describes what SNPs they are testing. I’ll be taking a closer look at that literature to see if it corresponds to their claims.

On we go, marching to genorexia nervosa.