Mouse cookbook, and scratch and sniff online books

Sometimes the Google brings you things that surprise you. I have to say this link rattled me for a minute:


But then I laughed–I remembered this important classic text being put into electronic format and being available to the world long before Google books. Jax has several important classics for mouse biology and genetics available in full in electronic form. A few other databases that I know about have some other useful “books”. If you know of others, please drop us a comment. Follow below to see where to get them.
At the Jax site, in the “other resources” menu you can access the books:

reactome_book.jpg From the Reactome “downloads” navigation option, you will have access to a book form of the complete Reactome pathway collection. Warning: this is quite a BIG pdf file, just so you’ll know! Be sure what you want to print.

wormbook_book.jpgFrom WormBase you can get WormBook:

But the most surprising thing I Googled lately was the Scratch-n-Sniff collection from Google Books:


Teh Google made me laugh. Again. Be sure to try it, and click the help page if you are having trouble.

If you are coming here after April 1 and they have removed the scratch-n-sniff books, this was the “help” link (image below).  The other books (MGI, Reactome, WormBase) can still be found–they are legit.