Vídeo Consejo de la semana: Neandertal Inheritance and Consequences

Ok, it’s been a while since this was a regular feature. But I am still finding that I want to show some videos of science topics and software tools sometimes. So it may not be a regular feature, but I will be highlighting some videos that seem interesting to me for various reasons.

This video struck me because I recently gave a talk about the information from ancestral genomes and the influence of the DNA on us today (as well as how we visualize that). They use software that we’ve talked about before, PolyPhen y SIFT, in this analysis. And it would have been handy to have this as a resources to give out to the audience members, who were general public folks in a pub. I am impressed that a research team did this additional step of explaining their research in this way.

De referencia:

Dannemann, M., Prüfer, K., Wagner, A., & Kelso, J. (2017). Functional implications of Neandertal introgression in modern humans Genome Biology 18:61. DOI: 10.1186/s13059-017-1181-7