Summer blogging sabbatical

Hi folks–just wanted to have a post available to let you know that we haven’t forgotten the blog. But we are going to have a summer blogging sabbatical. Between some vacation time, and a volunteer project I’m on with my city, we’ll be away from the computer for a bit of time, and not necessarily on top of breaking chatter and new tools as we usually try to keep up on for the regular weekly posts. There may be times when there’s something to talk about, and then we’ll post ad hoc.

sun_panel_power_nounThe volunteer project is actually a lot like what we do at OpenHelix, but on a different technology. I’m the “solar coach” for my city–I’m helping our residents learn about solar power for their homes via the Solarize Mass project. We’ll be having educational events, booths at farmer’s markets and festivals, blogging, hopefully an intro video, and I’ll be helping people to connect with information on reducing their greenhouse gas footprint via rooftop solar. So I’m using my transferrable skills in training materials, workshops and conference booths for the environment, rather than for genomics, for a little while. The really busy part of this project is the next couple of months as the project rolls out.

Summer blog traffic is usually lighter anyway.  But in the fall we’ll get back on the regular schedule.

Credit to The Noun Project for some handy graphics I’ll be using for my Solarize talks and blog posts! Check them out for helpful icons.