Blog and Site are moving

We’ll be having a bigger announcement later, but we are moving!

The URL is the same: Though we also now have for our European users. They’ll both go to the same place of course! (though in the next couple days as our domain moves to the new servers, the first will be our old site, the latter will be our new one).

We have a new site and functionality! OpenHelix will now have a great new search engine (free and publicly available) to search through hundreds of genomics resources to find exactly what you are looking for. We believe this will be a great boon to finding your data. A large number of those (approaching 100 now) will have links to our tutorials for you to view and learn how to use those resources, some are sponsored and free to the user, others have reasonable subscription cost.

Our blog will have a new look and a new URL Of course, if you use, you’ll be easily redirected.

We have lots of exciting plans for the search, for the site, for the blog and for our tutorials over the next few months and into the future, so keep an eye out! And please, if you find a feature you want or hit a snag, let us know!