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q_mark2.jpgWelcome to the “What’s Your Problem?” (WYP) open thread. The purpose of this entry is to allow the community to ask questions on the use of genomics resources. Think of us as a virtual help desk. If you have a question about how to access a certain kind of data, or how to use a database, or what kind of resources there are for your particular research problem, just ask in the comments. OpenHelix staff will keep watch on the comment threads and answer those questions to the best of our knowledge. Additionally, we encourage readers to answer questions in the comments too. If you know the answer to another reader’s question, please chime in! The “WYP” thread will be posted every Thursday and remain at the top of the blog for 24 hours.

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3 thoughts on “What's your problem? Open Thread

  1. Seth Crosby

    As the price of genome analysis (sequencing & genotyping) continues to plummet, we will soon find that the highest cost of it will be the time to learn and conduct analysis. One solution is the use of intuitive viewers such as Gbrowse, Genome Workbench, SockEye, etc. Does anyone know of a central “clearing house” of all known viewers where one might go to find the tool that best suits their needs?

  2. Trey

    Greetings Seth,

    Great point.

    First part of my answer: OpenHelix does have a large number of introductions to the use of different databases and analysis tools of course! Both by subscription (about 40, but growing quickly), and also free, but you are talking specifically about genome viewers like Gbrowse.

    We are about to complete a tutorial on that one in particular, but I think considering a ‘suite’ of tutorials with an overview on several of the others out there is a good idea.

    I haven’t found anything (but here is an interesting blog post about how we visualize genomes ‘suck’), so if anyone has a link to a post or overview, would love to see it!

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