주의 비디오 도움말: Genonets, exploring genotype-phenotype relationships

Lately I’ve been keeping an eye on a lot of the tools that link individuals with sequence data, 그들의 phenotypes, and researchers/physicians who may either study or treat the associated medical issues (참조 MyGene2 most recently) . But there’s a lot of room upstream of these kinds of patient outcomes to explore genotypes and phenotypes. This week’s Video Tip of the Week is for Genonets, offering “Analysis and Visualization of Genotype Networks”, a tool that can help to explore these relationships for pre-clinical/research scenarios as well.

A recent paper explains the goals behind their tools, and they also have a series of videos on their web site to help you get going with Genonets. I’ll put the intro video here, but be sure to click over to their “Learn Genonets” page for a lot more. There’s also a text-based tutorial you can work through which is helpful.

You can also kick the tires a bit with a sample file that’s available from their search page. Just click the checkbox to load it up and try it out. And then be sure to explore those “deep dives” videos to go further.

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