New SNPs in the Mouse Phenome Database

From the MGI mailing list the other day came notice of 2 new SNP sets that have been added to the Mouse Phenome Database SNP collection (MPD).

From their note:

- Center for Genome Dynamics (CGD) – SNP data from Mouse Diversity Genotyping Array (CGD2). 582,000+ locations and 72 strains.

- Palmer A – SNP data, 8200+ locations, 58 strains (Chicago1)

I like the mouse SNP tools at MGI.  I covered them in my full tutorial that you can watch for free here.  But there’s a separate access point for mouse SNPs from the MPD interface as well.  Phenotype might be an interesting way to be thinking about your genes and topics of interest if you haven’t considered that before.  A lot of people start with their genes of interest and look under the flashlight, but maybe look around at phenotypes as a starting point for some new ideas and directions.